2 Злотых [1928 г. - ??] Польша

Страна Польша
Тип Жетон
Метал Золото
Вес 9.82 г
Форма Круглая
Изъята из оборота да
Редкость: 100


In 1928 Walery Cyryl Amrogowicz completed the creation of five and two zloty coins (and possibly of the ten zloty coin) according to his own design. Polish Ministry of Treasury rejected his design, but he nonetheless ordered some sets for himself and friends. The (casts) for these were created by the German Karl Goetz, the coins being minted in Munich (some sources claim Nuremberg). The coins were minted in gold, bronze and silver. Examples minted in gold and platinum which have appeared at auctions and been catalogued, by (Parchimowicza) for example, are suspected to have been later productions.